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Carl Quarterman

Queensland Gaskets has had the pleasure of working with ANZDD for some time now and have always found the resources and contacts available at our fingertips to be brilliant. Their team are a pleasure to deal with and are always there to answer any queries that we may have promptly and efficiently. The ANZDD's understanding of the Defence sector and the assistance offered has been invaluable to Queensland Gaskets over the years. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Carl Quarterman [Managing Director & AIDN-QLD President]

Queensland Gaskets

Nigel Porteous

The ASP Ship Management Group has been listing in the Australian + New Zealand Defence Directory for the past 13 years. During that time we have experienced a most professional dedication to service and assistance for our needs. We have pleasure in recommending the Australian + New Zealand Defence Directory publication as an essential tool for any marketing requirement and awareness campaign.

Nigel Porteous [Manager Group Communications]

ASP Ship Management Group

Medhat Wassef

We found the Australian + New Zealand Defence Directory to be a valuable channel to express our capabilities. Because of its wide distribution, respected profile in Defence circles, and professional presentation, it is an effective tool in the marketing of our products and services.

Medhat Wassef [Defence Business Manager & AIDN-NSW President]

Milspec Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Peter Marjasin

HUBER+SUHNER are delighted to recommend the Australian + New Zealand Defence Directory as the preferred tool for identifying various Government defence departments and Industry OEM's within the various defence segments.

Peter Marjasin [Sales & Marketing Director]


Michael Quigg

Our company has advertised in the ANZDD for many years, and amongst the myriad of Defence Directories out there, have recognised it to be the most used, respected and effective directory in the market. I applaud the service and support we continually receive, and am glad to see they have kept up with the times by using the most recent technology platforms available.

Michael Quigg [National Strategic Account Manager]