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Rafael Demonstrates Air Defence Systems to International Audience

by ANZDD on 12-Nov-2016

Rafael Demonstrates Air Defence Systems to International Audience

Representatives from 16 countries took part in a special demonstration conducted by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of its air defence systems and capabilities, which also included seminars and meetings with top Israeli Ministry of Defence (IMOD) and Air Force officials.
Yossi Horowitz, Director of Marketing and BD for Rafael's Air Superiority Division stated that the guests were visibly impressed by Rafael's developments and performance of its air defence systems.
"We can proudly say that Rafael is a global leader in this domain, and we will continue to strive for more ground-breaking systems in the future", he said. 
Amongst the systems demonstrated was the Iron Dome which has already intercepted over 1500 rockets in combat, and test-proven against UAV's, and its SPYDER air defense system, also combat-proven.
Rafael's state-of the-art active air defense systems, which also include the David's Sling for intermediate range air defense threats, jointly developed with Raytheon US and already fully tested and delivered to the Israeli Air Force were also showcased. 

Source: Asian Defence Technology