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Japan Prepares Delivery of Air Surveillance Radars to Philippines

by ANZDD on 28-Oct-2022

Japan Prepares Delivery of Air Surveillance Radars to Philippines

Japan’s Embassy in the Philippines announced on 22 October 2022 that the government is in the process of transferring air surveillance radars to the Philippine government in its first major defense export.

The contract for three fixed long range and one mobile radar systems being produced by Mitsubishi Electric was executed by Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana on 28 August 2022. The radars are being provided under the Horizon 2 Air Surveillance Radar System acquisition project in a government-to-government transaction valued at US$103.5 million.

Although the radar model was not indicated in the announcement it had been reported that the fixed sites might receive the improved version of the Mitsubishi Electric J/FPS-3 active electronically scanned array radar with the mobile system being the J/TPS-P14 radar.

The J/TPS-P-14 is an S-Band radar with a surveillance range of 400 km. The antenna mounted on a shelter with the system able to operate from a truck or ground. The J/FPS-3 is an active phased array radar system employed by the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASF- Koku-Jieitai). It offers enhanced detection and tracking capabilities when compared to conventional radar systems. Its array includes both long-range and short-range antennas.

The JASF has been training members of the Philippine Forces on operation, maintenance and support of the radars over the past months. The first radar for delivery was inspected by Philippine Air Force officials on 4 October in preparation for the turn-over. Philippine DND Public Affair Chief Arsenio Andolong explained in a public statement “these initiatives of the Japanese government in further strengthening the defense cooperation between the two allied countries. The air surveillance radar systems are part of the Philippine government’s efforts to further “develop, enhance and sustain our air and maritime domain awareness. They will play a critical role in monitoring our territory and airspace.

Source: Asian Military Review