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Sorberbarrier from Pyrotek control noise for longevity in defence vehicles

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Sorberbarrier™ - effectively controlling noise in military transportation vehicles. Improve the field environment for personnel on patrol. Deliver a safer, smoother ride, and provide longevity for vehicles. Pyrotek® is a global engineering leader specialising in high-performance acoustic and thermal insulation materials for defence....

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Smaller, Lighter, Smarter Australian Alternators - Milspec Manufacturing

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Modern ground forces are no longer reliant on number of troops and vehicles, and lethality of weapons only.   Effectiveness of a combat campaigns is a function of how smart and advanced your forces are, and the side with better electronic warfare, communication tools, detection equipment and accurate firing systems is the side who would h...

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Solar Sigma Shield showcased by CBG Systems

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Today’s military operations require a comprehensive protection and camouflage concept for troops and equipment especially in hot climate zones. SolarSigmaShield is an innovative and versatile material for camouflage, heat protection and signature management. SolarSigmaShield is made of a 3D polymer fiberglass composite material that pro...

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