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Winchester Australia Ltd


Winchester Australia markets and sells a range of products to the defence and law enforcement markets, including the Australian Defence Forces, State, Territory and Federal police agencies and other security based businesses

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65 Hays Road



Australia - 3224

Phone : +61 3 5245 2431
Fax : +61 3 5248 2409
Mail :
Website :
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Winchester Law Enforcement & Defence (WDLE) has extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying Law Enforcement & Defence agencies throughout Australasia.

With the backing of parent company Winchester USA, and a number of international companies such as Combined Systems Inc., FH Herstal, CZ, Steyr, Trijicon, & Kahles, WDLE can provide support for lethal and non-lethal munitions and arms.

No of Employees : 70
ABN : 50 004 645 318
Post Box Number : 776
Post Box Zip Code : 3220
Post Box Locality : Geelong
Post Box Region : VIC

Key Personnel

General Manager:  Clive Pugh
Defence, Law Enforcement Sales Manager:  Anthony Post

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