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GreyScan Pty Ltd


GreyScan ETD-100™ is the world’s first automated portable explosive trace detection (ETD) device able to detect homemade inorganic explosives with entry point screening and forensic lab applications.

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Unit 9, 435 Williamstown Rd

Port Melbourne


Australia - 3207

Phone : +61 3 8459 6999
Fax : +61 3 8459 6998
Mail :
Website :
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GreyScan® sets the benchmark in high sensitivity fieldable explosive trace detection for inorganic explosives. Until now, there has been a critical detection gap with mainstream explosive trace detectors (ETDs) lacking sensitivity to the inorganic salts used in homemade explosives (nitrate, chlorate, perchlorate).

Developed with US and Australian Federal Government support, GreyScan ETD-100™ features Capillary Zone Electrophoresis (CZE) technology, the only automated solution for sensitive and rapid detection of inorganic explosives in a field-robust, compact and portable unit.

Capable of entry point screening and forensic lab analysis the GreyScan ETD-100™ is simple to operate, uses low cost user replaceable reagent cartridge and filters, and can operate on internal battery or mains power. Passengers and cargo can be screened with industry standard swabs, which are inserted into the GreyScan ETD-100™ by the operator. GreyScan ETD-100™ has proven highly accurate and consistent results, independently tested by the Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) and industry leading ETD manufacturers. GreyScan ETD-100™ outperforms by up to 10x the current standards sought by the US Government.

ABN : 92 602 503 640
Year of Establishment : 2014

Key Personnel

Chairman:  Michael Lawrey
Director:  Jefferson Harcourt
Global Head of Sales and Distribution:  Matt Porter

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