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Entrust Datacard


Entrust Datacard possesses expertise in technologies that enable trusted identities and secure transactions, adhering to well-established design principles of quality, interoperability and long-term investment.

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152 Beach Rd, #12-05/08

Gateway East

Singapore - 189721

Phone : +65 6632 3320
Fax : +65 6227 7839
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Consumers, citizens and employees increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences whether they are making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks. Entrust Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make those experiences reliable and secure.

Solutions range from the physical world of financial cards, passports and ID cards to the digital realm of authentication, certificates and secure communications. With more than 2,000 Entrust Datacard colleagues around the world, and a network of strong global partners, the company serves customers in 150 countries worldwide.

Key Personnel

Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan:  Angus McDougall
Vice President, Access Control, Asia Pacific:  Danny Li
Vice President, Entrust Enterprise Asia Pacific & Japan:  George Chew
Vice President, South Pacific, ASEAN & Korea:  Michael Robertson


An Integrated Security Infrastructure for Encryption, Digital Signatures & Certificate Authentication.

Entrust first public key infrastructure the world’s first commercially available PKI was released in 1994. Now in its eighth edition, the Entrust Authority public key infrastructure product portfolio is the industry’s most relied-upon PKI solution. By managing the full lifecycles of digital certificate based identities, Entrust Authority PKI enables encryption, digital signature and certificate authentication capabilities to be consistently and transparently applied across a broad range of applications and platforms.

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Solutions for Encryption, Authentication & Digital Signatures.

The Entrust Entelligence product portfolio is a suite of solutions that delivers multiple security layers, enabling strong authentication, digital signatures and encryption. Comprised of four distinct security solutions, the Entrust Entelligence security portfolio is the perfect complement to a strong identity-based security strategy.

•  Automatic Enterprise ID Management
•  Integration with Microsoft® Applications
•  Stronger Enterprise Security
•  One ID, Many Uses

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Entrust IdentityGuard enables organization to layer security – according to access requirements or the risk of a given transaction – across diverse users, applications, serves and cloud-based environments. Entrust diverse set of authentication capabilities include smartcards and USB tokens, soft tokens, grid cards and eGrids, IP-geolocation, questions & answers, mobile smart credential, biometrics, out-of-band one-time passcode (delivered via voice, SMS or email), out-of-band transaction verification and a range of one-time passcode tokens.

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Entrust IdentityGuard Virtual Appliance provides an easy-to-deploy, turnkey authentication solution that enables organization to gain efficiencies and cost reductions through comprehensive software, modules, utilities and tools that help staff spend less time on IT management and more time focusing on revenue for their bottom-line.

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Entrust Datacard Authentication Cloud Service provides secure access to cloud, legacy and on-premise apps while safeguarding enterprise assets. Quickly and easily meet your immediate use case – and be ready for whatever digital business brings.

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iOTrust – Ensuring a Trusted Internet of Things

Entrust Datacard ioTrust™ Security Solutions gives organization the power to bring connected devices and secure infrastructures to life. Our offerings, which are based on enterprise-grade encryption technologies, establish trusted identities for devices across IoT infrastructures. So, organizations can create secure ecosystems and transmit data from devices in the field to your value engines — efficiently and securely. Entrust Datacard addresses the challenge in Identity Issuance, Identity Management and Identity & Data Security.

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Enables role-based identity management, allowing government agencies to enroll and authenticate applicant identities for passport, driver’s license and government employee identity programs incorporating BIOMETRICS AND SMART CARD TECHNOLOGIES.

Proven and pre-integrated to work together, the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications in the Secura software suite can be deployed more quickly and with lower risk than custom solutions. A standards-based open architecture ensures interoperability with FIPS, ICAO and other leading standards. With this approach customers can avoid vendor lock-in whilst supporting extendibility to the latest biometric technologies.

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Entrust SSL Certificates offer the strongest encryption and the most valuable features to ensure organization’s website is protected and meets the demands of today’s modern websites.

Entrust Standard SSL certificates secure ecommerce, communications and private information passed from browser to Web server and between servers. Entrust Standard SSL Certificates provide website encryption and identification for and

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CD800TM Card Printer with inline Lamination module helps organization protect your ID cards from abrasion, chemicals, daily wear and tear – and fraud. In addition to outstanding security and durability, get faster printing, more reliable performance and the highest print resolution available in a desktop card printer.

CR805TM Retransfer Card Printer with Laminator gives customers a complete, on-demand card printing solution with stunning color, card material flexibility, security features and durability they need to create virtually any type of card for their customers, citizens, and employees. Create cards with pigment ink for brilliant, long-lasting images & designs. 600depi for high definition printing and to print microtext, barcodes and other elements. Over-the-edge printing with retransfer technology to print on multiple card types including technology cards, ability to apply 2 layers of retransfer film for additional card durability and an option for enhanced durability and security by adding an inline lamination module and optional tactile impression module.


Provides a complete card-to-envelope solution for high-volume card issuance with our personalization and delivery systems. Produce dynamic, highly personalized financial cards and secure IDs with superior speed and uptime.

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Entrust Datacard understands the drivers and best practices for EMV/chip card implementation having personalized more than 5 million smart cards a day and implemented hundreds of major EMV programs around the world. We offer workshops, design and deployment services, chip selection guidance, EMV profile development, technical and business information, and scripting support. We can show organizations how to leverage existing issuance systems and software, and create an enhanced infrastructure for secure and productive EMV smart card issuance to improve productivity and overall profitability of the operation.

We work with all of the major systems integrators. For more information, visit:

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